Album Review: In Hearts Wake - Kaliyuga

6 August 2020 | 4:24 pm | Brendan Crabb

"In Hearts Wake serve a key role within the modern heavy scene."

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The environmentally-conscious In Hearts Wake offer their audience a mosh and a message. This time though, they've doubled down. Having measured Kaliyuga's total carbon footprint, they sought to offset it by measures such as ensuring the record's packaging and manufacturing is plastic-free.

Musically, their fifth LP offers moments that feel like an adherence to the group's well-worn formula. Cuts like Force Of Life and Son Of A Witch, the latter fusing melodic guitar lines, beatdowns and mix of Corey Taylor-channelling screams and slick cleans get the job done, but feel overly familiar. Occasional semi-rapping passages attempt to create a point of difference, but feel a little flat.

When they genuinely attempt to shake things up, but without neglecting the need for catchy as flypaper hooks, it points towards a more intriguing future. After Crisis' brief but memorable nu-metal attack, Worldwide Suicide's a banger. Vocalist Jake Taylor sounds even more incensed on this heavier track, further punctuating the effects of a muscular groove, effects and synths.

Georgia Flood's vocals afford some soul and atmosphere to Crossroads. Polaris frontman Jamie Hails further energises the already infectious Hellbringer. Briefly eschewing their usual subject matter, it's a celebration of the freedom heavy music affords and a middle finger to those who deride it as “the devil's music”. It's well-intentioned, if hokey, but boasts a breakdown that will incite pit mayhem – when we're allowed to start pits again, that is.

Kaliyuga doesn't always hit the mark musically, but In Hearts Wake serve a key role within the modern heavy scene because they're unwavering in their dedication to the cause.

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