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Live Review: Harts, Yeo, Froyo

5 March 2017 | 12:16 pm | Madelyn Tait

"Harts is a natural performer, exuding confidence as he commanded the stage and attention of everyone in the room."

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Those who arrived early to the Metro Theatre kicked off the night with catchy melodies and '80s vibes delivered by Sydney synth-pop four-piece Froyo.

Super talented multi-instrumentalist and energetic live performer Yeo then got the crowd moving with his electronic indie-pop. The Melbourne songwriter and producer sang and played keytar, bass and a Korg synth throughout the set, accompanied by his laptop and a live drummer.

Once the crowd was sufficiently warmed up, Melbourne's Harts took to the stage alongside his drummer and bassist, with whom (as Harts informed us) he went to high school. Harts is a natural performer, exuding confidence as he commanded the stage and attention of everyone in the room. It's easy to see why he's been compared to a young Prince by so many (even the late artist himself) but, with a colourful Stratocaster guitar in hand — on which he absolutely shreds — and a real ‘60s psychedelic influence, comparisons could also be made to Jimi Hendrix.

Harts, also a skilled multi-instrumentalist, moved from electric guitar to bass guitar to keys during his set, delivering his fundamentally irresistible combination of funk, rock, soul, blues and pop. Each song was expanded and filled out with lengthy solos, making the concert feel like a bit of a jam session.

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Fear In Me, off his latest album Smoke Fire Hope Desire, was a definite set highlight — the crowd erupted the moment that he began playing the opening riff, they cheered as he rapped and they shouted-along to the track's catchy hook. He informed the crowd that he'd been sick all week and had almost cancelled the show, but as he then sung the uplifting track Peculiar and played its killer guitar solo, there was no telling that he was anything less than one hundred per cent. Harts and his band left the stage on a high, to roaring applause, leaving a crowd of very satisfied fans.