Album Review: Gum - Glamorous Damage

9 November 2015 | 11:27 am | Cara Oliveri

"Glamorous Damage is one giant blast of blazing psych-pop."

Ramping up the radioactivity, Jay Watson's solo project GUM is an endless explosion of glittery psych-pop.

Powering up the synthesisers, his second album Glamorous Damage rockets into a glitzy '80s cosmos and sets the disco ball in orbit. Anesthetized Lesson is brilliantly warped funk, while the title track is a Big Bang of blissful synths. Elafonissi Blue and Science Fiction flick on the supercharged fuzz and propel you through space until Carnarvon releases the rockets with its atmospheric grooves. Hurling you to the moon and back, Glamorous Damage is one giant blast of blazing psych-pop.