Live Review: Grizzly Bear

7 March 2018 | 9:47 am | Jenny Nguyen

"Grizzly Bear are an authentic, enigmatic group whose brand of lo-fi indie rock continues to appeal to music connoisseurs both old and young."

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Seeing a rock band on the floating concrete slab by the River Torrens isn't your typical Tuesday night out in Adelaide. But Mad March often brings out the best in our city and draws in the best names.

On the opening night of Riverbank Palais, Brooklyn rock band Grizzly Bear dazzled the audience with their no-holds-barred lighting and sound show. The first of their two shows came off the back of an Instagram announcement that the band were losing money on tour. Despite this being a key conversation topic among fans at the sold-out show, spirits were swinging high - the serene riverbank backdrop drowning out the echoing "wooooo" noises.

Grizzly Bear are an authentic, enigmatic group whose brand of lo-fi indie-rock continues to appeal to music connoisseurs both old and young. The band opened their set with a few key cuts from their 2017 release, Painted Ruins. Foot tapping ensued as they transitioned into a string of their popular hits. The setlist did not unveil itself in chronological order and this was for the best, as it highlighted the band's ability to jump from upbeat numbers off 2009's Veckatimest to downtempo, low-key numbers from 2006's Yellow House. As is tradition with any act visiting the state, there was a casual shout-out to "Adelaide", which predictably sent the audience into a frenzy. Grizzly Bear were warm and genuine with their audience interactions throughout. A small joke was made comparing tonight's show with the Wednesday night event, which would coincide with Ed Sheeran's show at Adelaide Oval. The four-piece closed the night with a two-song encore of Shift and Sun In Your Eyes while swigging Coopers Pale Ale.

The sound issues at the Palais from yesteryear (floor-rattling vibrations, fuzzy microphones, ear-piercing noise and distortion) were almost non-existent this time 'round with the sound crew running back and forth to enable seamless instrument change-overs and a quality sound experience at both the front and the back of the venue. The staff at Adelaide Festival have outdone themselves with the Palais' opening night. A vibrant venue to look at during the day and an outstanding, warm celebration of live music at dusk, it is a true delight for all senses. 

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