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Album Review: Georgia - Seeking Thrills

10 January 2020 | 12:00 pm | Adam Wilding

"[A]s authentic as it gets."

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North Londoner Georgia (aka Georgia Barnes) follows up her 2015 self-titled album with a record of comedown songs heavily influenced by Detroit pop and techno, John Carpenter film scores and one-hit wonders, with echoes of contemporaries like Brooklyn band Wet.

Opening track Started Out is downtempo yet uplifting, led by a wailing synth, whereas Never Let You Go is more urgent in its delivery. Both songs have the sense of vulnerability that forms part of the appeal of the artist and album.

The monotony and lyrical staccato of Mellow is a notable shift in direction and its declaration to "mix it up" is one of the diamonds in what is a melodically diverse and aurally layered effort. Barnes' introversion and DIY ethos contradict the ambitious production and care that has been poured into everything.

As far as getting the Detroit sound, Seeking Thrills is as authentic as it gets and Feel It proves one to play after the after-party when there are more songs than people left on the dancefloor.