Live Review: George Maple, UV Boi, Kucka

18 July 2016 | 2:08 pm | Joseph Wilson

As skilled at dancing as she is vocally, Maple let her body choreograph itself to the music.

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George Maple's final leg of her tour at Jack Rabbit Slim's was perhaps one of the hottest gigs happening at Perth on that night. Supported by the likes of Kucka and UV Boi, each doing DJ sets, it was an explosive experience, albeit slightly sweaty.

Oddly paced, Kucka and UV Boi's sets were very much clumped together; and like some ecstatic DJ relay race one form of solid techno passed to the next. Kucka's DJ skills were not in question, having a reputation for being an adept electronic music producer. The stage was high set and quite elevated from the dancefloor, making the turntables feel like an iron throne rather than a banger factory. Nonetheless, Kucka warmed up the stage and the early arrivals, with a spare few jostling about to her beats. Although it was a DJ set, it was slightly disappointing not to hear Kucka's hauntingly unique vocals, which are a centrepiece to many of her songs and sapped much of her signature EDM zest and flavour in their absence.

With literally no set break between Kucka and UV Boi, the latter just gently slipped into the DJ position and got his set going. With skillful production and voracious beats coming from the speakers, the crowd had now begun to coalesce around the stage in a more condensed fashion; it was obvious UV Boi knew what he was doing. With swirling rhythms and cheeky drops peppered throughout his set, the added volume of punters now dancing definitely turned up the heat in the place.

The lengthy set wait and rise in humidity made the gig feel like a Balinese volcano. It was worth it however, George Maple emerging on the stage shrouded by smoke like some messianic silhouette. As skilled at dancing as she is vocally, Maple let her body choreograph itself to the music, mesmerising the crowd and letting those in the front row go crazy. Throwing out hits like Sticks And Horses and finishing up with Talk Talk, her performance and enthusiasm for performing were truly infectious, proof in themselves of an exemplary artist.

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