Fringe: Horsehead

3 October 2014 | 10:45 am | Izzy Tolhurst

Any mention of “horsehead” tends to cast people back to that famed scene in The Godfather, however it’s Damon Lockwood’s Horsehead that goes deeper, looking at the psyche of two brothers served up with the gruesome decapitation task.

Forever trying to make something of their pitiful lives, the brothers, one with an unfortunate love of all things equine, and the other with a bubbling penchant for killing, furiously debate the task. It’s here that the set and lighting build pace and intensity, until there’s some, well, complications.

The play cleverly challenges notions of family, American Italy, and even naval duty, so you’d better be laughing, eh, wise guy?

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La Mama, Melbourne Fringe Festival, to 5 Oct