Frank Woodley: Extra Ordinary

3 May 2016 | 11:53 am | Darren Moldrich

"The crowd was knocked for six."

After a self-proclaimed "nervy" start, Frank Woodley slowly wound his show up with his usual high energy, dextrous, almost acrobatic sense of humour.

Woodley's set is tangential and physically manic. There are two common threads he holds his audience with: Shakespeare and cricket. From these two points Woodley goes off on one topic after another, engaging the auditorium, to howling laughter, with his sense of the ridiculous.

He covers a gamut of subjects from walking styles, butterflies versus moths, shopping at Kmart to catwalk models.

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In the end he comes back to his cricket story and ends with an audience member participating in a play about Shakespeare. The crowd was knocked for six.