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Album Review: Forever The Sickest Kids - 'Forever The Sickest Kids'

14 March 2011 | 11:39 am | Staff Writer
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Pop music for the masses.

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Is there any point in making new music if you do not advance or challenge yourself, even slightly? This is a question that came to my mind whilst listening to the new, self titled, Forever The Sickest Kids album, their second. Perhaps the question should be more directed to the listener, do you want to spend your hard earned money on a record that sounds like the other however many you already own. Really FTSK simply have packaged up another version of their debut 'Underdog Alma Mater,' and are tricking you into buying it again.

If anything, when compared to the debut, this record is not as good. There is way less attitude and energy, as the band have settled into a more straight forward, radio friendly form of pop-rock with songs like 'I Guess You Can Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious.' They even channel the woeful 3OH!3, with the synth laden dance number 'Life Of The Party,' whichs make a Good Charlotte like attempt at the Top 40 lists.

At times, hints of country rock appear in songs such as 'Robots & Aliens' and 'Bipolar Baby,' probably due to the groups Texan roots, which also explains the twang evident in front man Jonathan Cook's voice. This record also marks the departure of keyboardist Kent Garrison who played on this album and left the band shortly after, possibly because he heard the finished product.

The final track, and I could not have planned this better if I tried, is titled 'What Happened To Emotion? (Killing Me),' a piano, string laden, ballad that asks the same question you will be left with upon its completion. 

Once you accept the pop route the band have opted for with this record it is clear that they are actually quite good at forming radio friendly puffs of music that teenage girls everywhere will lose their minds over. For those who were hoping for something more however, Forever The Sickest Kids are no longer potential creators of something worthwhile.

 1. Keep On Bringing Me Down

2. I Guess You Can Say Things Are Getting Pretty Serious

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3. Life Of The Party

4. Robots & Aliens

5. King For A Day

6. Good Life

7. Same Dumb Excuse

8. Bipolar Baby!

9. Summer Song

10. Forever Girl

11. What Happened To Emotion? (Killing Me)