Live Review: Flyying Colours, Bench Press, Sunbeam Sound Machine, Precision Auto

16 October 2018 | 1:32 pm | Lilas Fournier

"It feels like the venue has been teleported to the '70s in London."

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It's Monday night at the Northcote Social Club and we are given the chance to (re)discover some local bands. Four-piece instrumental group Precision Auto has the responsibility of opening the night, showing a beautiful energy by playing some good rock tunes. The crowd, very quiet but attentive to the performance, show their support by clapping warmly.

After a short break, Melbourne quintet Sunbeam Sound Machine starts to play in front of an almost-packed crowd. They deliver a delicious airy pop to the Northcote Social Club by playing tracks from their LP Wonderer. With three vocals and two guitars, the band know how to captivate an audience. The slow In Your Arms and its magical synths could be part of a soundtrack of an '80s indie drama movie. 

When Bench Press jumps on the stage and starts to play their tracks, it feels like the venue has been teleported to the '70s in London; their pure post-punk music urging the crowd to dance. The quartet has this irresistible confidence that makes their energy contagious. They play tracks from their excellent first album Bench Press, released in 2017, including the hit Burning Up complete with creaking guitar. The lead singer Morgan Griffiths looks like a lion in cage, walking back and forth from one corner of the stage to another, roaring into the mic.

Finally, it's time for Melbourne quartet Flyying Colours to close the night. They are glad to be back and start their set with Like You Said, from their first eponymous EP. Their energy on stage makes the track electrifying. The crowd of the Northcote Social Club is captivated by the vocals of Brodie J Brümmer and Gemma O'Connor. The band plays all the old, good tunes off their debut LP Mindfullness, such as the dancey 1987 or the grungey It's Tomorrow Now.  “This song is about having a good time,” whispers Brümmer before performing a new track we're told is called "Good Times". “It’s about smoking weed man,” replies O’Connor, laughing. Lead singer and guitarist Brümmer dances with elegance across the stage and announces the forthcoming release of their new album in 2019.