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Live Review: Flight Facilities, Client Liason

12 November 2014 | 11:47 am | Athina Mallis

Flight Facilities blew away the crowd with surprise vocalist Owl Eyes.

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The big house of metros was full of triple j wannabes and rinsers, a rare sighting at this venue. They were here for one reason only: Flight Facilities.

Client Liaison were first up enchanting those around them with their electric dance music. The Melbourne duo was dressed in ‘70s get-up, the lead singer, from far away, looking like Freddie Mercury. He had a purple sequined bomber jacket with tight cream pants. The crowd was frothing over the band’s pop ballads and electric funk, definitely a great way to start the night.

Flight Facilities were dressed up in their usual pilot get-up, starting off with their usual flight-themed opening, and it doesn’t matter if it’s the first or second time you’ve heard it you still get excited when you see those boys hit the decks. First up they played Two Bodies and I didn’t believe it – all sung by Owl Eyes. The boys mixed up their set by playing other songs and a few instrumental pieces. Everyone at Metros was off their chops – they were either too drunk or too high but no one was having a bad night.

This tour was for their debut album so of course they played the majority of the songs from it. One of the great things about Flight Facilities is they always look like they’re having the best time and are constantly moving and grooving around their decks. Even if you’re not a big fan you’ll always have a good time partying it up.

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They did a version of Major Lazer’s Get Free with Owl Eyes accompanying on vocals. Kurt Kristen helped out with the male vocals for With You. Towards the end of the night they played their classic hits Clare De Lune and Crave You; they probably didn’t need an accompanying singer for those songs since everyone knew every single word.

When they finished the crowd wasn’t satisfied and demanded an encore. They ended up playing Sunshine and Owl Eyes joined Kurt Kristen on stage. The final song for the night was the John Paul Young classic, Love Is In The Air. For the rest of the night the majority of the crowd stayed on to move to some classic triple j dance party hits.