Album Review: Far Away Stables - 'Atlantis'

25 February 2014 | 6:25 pm | Staff Writer
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In-a-sentence: From the get-go, Far Away Stables, 'Atlantis' is something that is genuinely unique and captivating.

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As soon as you click play on Far Away Stables' 'Atlantis', you've probably made the best decision of the month, if not the year. What you're about to hear will blow you away. The sonic-unity of all the instruments that make this great collective of rock songs is something that is rarely achieved nowadays. And if this doesn't amaze you then you must have no emotions.


The way 'Understanding the Depths' moves along with swing and power or how 'What Are You Waiting For' amazes you with its sonically-big sound, the Sydney based rockers have hit the hammer on the head.


The melodically powerful and swaying centrepiece of 'Doing Better' breaks the EP down for a good emotional four minutes before launching into the atmospherically wonder of 'In My Head'. This song is the meat of the EP. It showcases how bands nowadays NEED to write songs and how they need to keep it interesting and captivating whilst familiar and catchy.


The ender, 'Hellish Conditions', despite being the lesser of the five is still a shiner. It has a much stronger contemporary rock feel with its slick guitar riffs and solos that are slipped in at exactly when they need to be. It's the perfect ending just about; it sends 'Atlantis' off with a bang!


You'll probably notice and feel a lot of influences on this record but you can't pinpoint them. For some reason, the injection of said influences has been woven in with the band's own sound to create a genuinely different sound. It feels like its own animals. It doesn't rip off other bands to get your attention.


The lyrical content has that perfect balance of being relatable but also being slightly extroverted with these deeper meaning signs behind them that only you can find the answer to.



From the opening guitars of 'Understanding the Depths' to the rock groove ending of 'Hellish Conditions', this EP will have you hooked by your ears. The way the instruments gel together underneath stellar vocal melodies and screams is something that can only be commended. This is a rock record that will be on your playlist. If it isn't, you may want to check your hearing.

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  1. Understanding the Depths
  2. What Are You Waiting For
  3. Doing Better
  4. In My Head
  5. Hellish Conditions