Album Review: Falling In Reverse - Coming Home

7 April 2017 | 2:16 pm | Rod Whitfield

"Falling In Reverse are pissed off."

More Falling In Reverse More Falling In Reverse

Wow, Falling In Reverse are pissed off, if this album is anything to go by.

Apparently they are Broken, a Loser, I Hate Everyone, going Straight To Hell and Bad At Life. Oh, and Fuck You And All Your Friends too.

But all that angst provides a nice contrast to the music itself. It's a happy, snappy, up-tempo pop-rock album — and it's heaps of fun. It's the type of stuff that radio-friendly rock crowds in America and Australia lap up like the cat who got the cream.

If you dig the accessible rock sound, Coming Home is your cuppa tea.

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