Eye In The Sky

23 March 2016 | 2:39 pm | Sean Capel

"What makes this work so well is the focused approach to the subject. It is a riveting, insightful and challenging film."

Technological advancements have changed war dramatically. For example, drone warfare allows spying and assassination of targets from halfway around the world. The new film Eye In The Sky delves into the complexities of this contemporary warfare.

The film presents a day in the lives of various individuals from different parts of the world, from England to America to Kenya, who must work together to execute a secret drone bombing on wanted targets, as well as navigate complex ramifications in doing so.

What makes this work so well is the focused approach to the subject. It is a riveting, insightful and challenging film. Guy Hibbert's script creates compelling debates concerning the politics, foreign policy and ethics behind the operation, and provides a layered point-of-view of war that remains unbiased. Director Gavin Hood is better suited here than big budget films, maintaining strong tension and drama throughout.

The great ensemble cast enhances the reality, making the material more compelling. The film features the likes of Helen Mirren in a role written for a man, and she proves to be a commanding presence. Aaron Paul is sympathetic as the triggerman, and the late great Alan Rickman commands a superb performance with his unique droll delivery. In his final live-action role Rickman adds a sublime depth to the performance, elevating his character.

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Eye In The Sky is intelligent, confronting, engaging and important cinema, that highlights the presence of unseen individuals through tough decisions.