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Album Review: Evelyn - 'Evelyn'

26 July 2010 | 1:39 am | Staff Writer
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Another band to keep your eye on.

Formed in Sydney in early 2009, Evelyn spent their first year of existence writing and recording for their debut self-titled EP. Unleashed upon the world in May 2010, the EP has seen the band gain string of shows including a support slot for the likes of Closure In Moscow, Amy Meredith and others.

Recorded and mixed by Antonio Hanna at Freefall Studios and mastered by Sonamax by Adam Mcelnea, the resulting sound on the EP is top notch, perfect for the sound that the band has on offer.

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Featuring two members of the now defunct Sydney hardcore band Homewrecker, if you were expecting to hear something along the lines of what Homewrecker sounded like, you aren’t going to find it here. Drawing influence from the likes of Anberlin, Acceptance and even at times Thrice, the band’s blend of melodic rock is an enjoyable listening experience.

The EP’s opening track “Emily” is the perfect introduction to the band, and quite possibly the strongest track on the EP. The track allows you to get a taste of front man Michael Fox’s fantastic voice, backed up by the riffing of guitarists Kesava and Bala Commerford.

The opening riff in “The Breakdown” is one of the catchiest guitar riffs I have heard all year, and sets a great foundation for the rest of the song to follow. “Faultlines” has a faster pace than the opening two tracks, allowing the drumming of the band’s drummer Greg Reiman to shine through.

The EP’s next track “Let Go” shows Fox’s voice at it’s best, backed up by the rest of the band delivering a sold slab of melodic riffs and pumping drums, although towards the end of the song it moves into an acoustic track, where Fox can really show off his vocal range. Closing out the EP is the three and a half minute long “Begging For Change”, while not too different from the tunes already heard on the EP, has the catchiest chorus on the EP, and sums up everything the band has to offer. If the band can keep writing songs of this quality, who knows what they can achieve.

My only real gripe with is EP is that after a few listens a few of the tracks start to sound similar and blend in with each other a little bit. As the band progresses and matures, I’m sure this is something that they can overcome and their next release should be something to look out for.

The release is a solid debut EP from a young band, and they will only keep getting better from here. The band is now being managed by the ever growing Collateral Management, so expect to see this band playing shows in your town soon.

1. Emily

2. The Breakdown

3. Faultlines

4. Let Go

5. Begging For Change