Live Review: Eagles Of Death Metal, All The Colours

30 March 2016 | 9:30 am | Mark Beresford

"Hughes invited his long-time sweetheart and musician Tuesday Cross ... and dropped to one knee and proposed."

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The line-up outside still wrapped around the block when Melbourne's All The Colours took to the stage, but the trio's fuzz-drenched desert-rock was treating the crowd who already had a place inside.

Getting lost in waves of fierce instrumental breakdowns as they ripped through Love Like This and Fragile, along with a golden cover of Baby Please Don't Go, they set the tone for the room.

Eagles Of Death Metal bring the fun back to the rock 'n' roll show. Musicians can easily fall into traps of taking themselves or their act too seriously — when you catch a glimpse of a frontman curling his moustache before firing into a irresistible dancing tune such as I Only Want You, it serves as a reminder that live music is made to be enjoyed. With swirling stage swagger, bursting energy and sweat-dripping boogies, the Californian kings set Fremantle ablaze as only they can do, lead by the charismatic shoe slides of Jesse 'Boots Electric' Hughes. The only certain thing that will come from an Eagles Of Death Metal show is a damn good time. Hughes invited his long-time sweetheart and musician Tuesday Cross from behind the keys following Complexity, dropped to one knee and proposed on stage — the crowd erupted.

What followed at that point was almost a blur, the band were unable to wipe the smiles from their faces as they played up the room with their charming animated antics, all to frank adoration of their fans, while delivering a full force rock'n'roll sermon of Whorehoppin' (Shit, Goddamn), Silverlake (K.S.O.F.M.) and Wanna Be In L.A. Their set rolled through until almost midnight before finally releasing the crowd into the night, every person sweaty and hazy-eyed trying to comprehend the ridiculous enjoyment of seeing these rockers onstage. And to confirm, Tuesday said yes.

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