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Album Review: Dune Rats - Hurry Up And Wait

29 January 2020 | 9:01 am | Katie Livingston

"[A] bloody good time."

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It’s no secret that Dune Rats are one of those bands that are just better live. And although their latest album isn’t quite the same as that experience, it’s the next best thing. They’ve managed to capture the wild energy of a live show and mix it with the refined quality of a studio recording, and the result is a bloody good time.

Hurry Up And Wait is as delightfully grotty as it is undeniably Aussie. Lead singer Danny Beus’ off-pitch shouting, combined with their grungy punk beats gives off a contagious, 'I don’t care what anyone thinks,’ attitude, and the urge to belt out the lyrics as loudly and as drunkenly as possible is almost overwhelming.

But hiding in plain sight among those carefree vibes are some clever lyrics, which reflect on their experiences in a very down-to-earth way. This really stands out in some of their less lively tracks like Patience and The Skids, but if you can manage to stop jumping around to their lead single No Plans, you’ll find the same hilariously candid observations.