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Album Review: Dumb Things – Time Again

5 November 2019 | 1:01 pm | Taylor Marshall

"[C]onjures hazy, sub-tropical Queensland in every track."

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Brisbane’s Dumb Things' second record Time Again conjures hazy, sub-tropical Queensland in every track. Nights and Crash Barrier begin with a lightly jangly but melancholy rhythm. Suburbs and Today Tonight features light, trebly guitars, while Carpark Daydream stays jangly with hints of fuzz throughout the mix. Waiting Out resembles the softer sound of The Goon Sax with light undertones of The Go-Betweens, while Fade Away brings the album to a more soft-pop element. Easier Said follows a simplistic guitar melody that dances throughout the whole song. With their dreamy, carefree vocals, the final two tracks Do It Again and Time Again finish the album with the same jangle of earlier tracks. The album is very consistent and relaxing.

It might not be the most fantastic release to come from Queensland, but it uniquely captures the elements and atmosphere of northeast Australia. To every Queenslander, this album evokes home.