Live Review: Drapht, Trials, Dylan Joel, DC & Dragz, Marksman Lloyd

17 October 2016 | 3:37 pm | Sean Mullarkey

"Full of energy and charisma."

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It's The Gov on a cold Saturday night in Adelaide and the crowd is filling in to see the Perth based hip hop rapper Drapht (aka Paul Ridge) on his Seven Mirrors album tour. On the decks tonight is MC Trials (Funkoars), and first cab off the rank are upcoming rappers DC & Dragz. With the crowd starting to fill, these two "gangsta grommets" bounce the stage from end to end and the energy is contagious. A quick, fast-paced set to get the crowd amped, rounding out with an obvious crowd favourite The Goon Song laying down the vibe for the night.

Between acts, as the roadies scamper to arrange the stage, MC Trials DJs to the crowd's delight with lifting banter and classic faves. Soon enough though Perth-based MC Marksman Lloyd hits the crowd with his latest grooves and has them in the palm of his hand. Rifling through his singles Dreamers and Seven Laps, he has the energy firmly turned up to 11. Showing his lyrical mic skills and impressive ad-lib abilities, Lloyd has the crowd hold up "items on ya person" and then proceeds to rap using wallets, shoes, hankies and hats for what seems like a ten-minute tour de force of freestyling inspiration.

Stepping up next to the pressure plate is Dylan Joel. With an unusual, multi-instrumental set-up they play an eclectic mix of rap, hip hop and jazz fusion. Announcing to the crowd "we drove here all day from Melbourne to play for you guys, that's dedication eh?", they launch into a mix of band and acoustic material and instantly has the crowd pumping. Moments of spontaneous boy band dance moves prevail to applause, and the triple j Like A Version You've Got A Friend In Me rounds out the set.

Trials builds the house to fever pitch. Now at boiling point, MC Trials lets the crowd know how he's been working with "his man" for the last 16 years and it's obvious the rapport is felt deep. Then as the lights again dim, Drapht bursts on to the stage and the crowd is once again ignited. Hits from his latest album Seven Mirrors, along with his full live band, lift the roof off the back room. Drapht and co play a set full of energy and charisma including songs like Monday Monday, with the crowd singing along with his tracks in an electric atmosphere. Not to be outdone, Drapht exploded to the crowd's delight with his own Like A Version cover of The Avalanches' Frankie Sinatra.

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