Live Review: Dick Diver, Footy, Destiny 3000

15 July 2013 | 3:53 pm | Adam Wilding

Overall, it was a memorable gig and one to note as the best for 2013.

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Destiny 3000 looked fairly new to the live scene, and an awkward onstage presence without any hint of self-awareness was an endearing element to an otherwise straight-forward bunch of tracks right out of a Breeders handbook. Worth a look if that be your thing, and it looked like it was for the compliment of a few dozen people who braved the cold and got in early.

If the opening band were all three-chord progression, the next band, Footy, were the complete opposite. Relying largely on improv and soundscaping, the duo made up of electric pianists Lewis Mulvey and Paddy Gordon kept the banter to a minimum, both between and during their musical endeavours, enjoyed by those watching front and centre, but largely ignored by the people closer to the bar. Rascist Lawn Ornaments gave us a clear indication that perhaps pianists are the best purveyors of irony.

Dick Diver have a new album out called Calendar Days and it was the reason they had journeyed from the cold comfort of Melbourne to the cold, miserable, public-transport-is-really-lacking hell-hole that it Sydney. The last time they played here their show sold out, and it was the same deal on the night with the place packed. With a clear head, it was easy to see why people clearly love this band - not just because their casual rock is a reminder of everything that was great about the '90s - like Custard and Recovery on Saturday mornings – but it's like going to see a band of your best mates, the types that are intelligent but not pompous, know they'll never make a living playing in a band but do it anyway, work to pay rent and enjoy the company of like-minded listeners. The band played a bunch of new tracks, including the elegant Alice and Lime Green Shirt along with some older tracks such as Head Back, which got a rousing reception. Overall, it was a memorable gig and one to note as the best for 2013.