Live Review: Deez Nuts @ Amplifier

26 April 2012 | 12:17 pm | Daniel Cribb

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Doors opening an hour later than advertised wasn't great for the punctual fans lining up in the cold, but resulted in an impressive crowd for openers Cabin Fever. If things kicked off late because Dying Sun pulled out last minute, the promoter could have at least let punters in on time to enjoy some beverages. Once things did kick off, there was little breathing room between sets.

Fresh from a day in the studio, Saviour shared some new material with the crowd that was slightly tainted by a mid-set laptop malfunction. Even though they didn't have their samples, the new material sounded fine and they powered through.

Bringing their upbeat, fast-paced, New York-influenced hardcore to Perth, Sydney's Phantoms really got things moving. Some decent charisma is all it takes to get people jumping off the walls, and they've got plenty of it.

Comparing Deez Nuts to the talented opening acts, there's something that gives them a unique and extra energy. The moment they hustled on stage the energy in the room was apparent by the rise in temperature that transformed the venue into a hot box. They're the ultimate hardcore sing-a-long band. One of few bands who can get a room full of people yelling “dudes love pussy, bitches love dick” in a serious manner. Vocalist JJ Peters, who was proudly sporting a Deez Nuts tee, was the man of the hour. Even after getting knocked to the ground by stage divers, he was still smiling. The only downfall was the length of their set. With that said, it would be hard to sustain such energy and intensity for much longer than 35 minutes. With a strong showcase of Australian hardcore from three separate states, the night proved you don't have to look far in Australia to find talented hardcore bands.

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