Album Review: Daylight - 'Sinking'

21 September 2009 | 11:25 am | Staff Writer
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With an impending tour of Australia, Pennsylvania based emo/post hardcore act Daylight have delivered “Sinking”, this version being the re-mastered and remixed version of their previously self released demo of the same name.

What’s on offer here is 5 tracks of honest and raw emotive punk rock that over the last 5 years or so had fallen by the wayside, but is now enjoying somewhat of a resurgence, with new bands such as Polar Bear club making a name for themselves, as well as pioneers of the genre such as Samiam and Small Brown bike doing shows and tours again.

In the near 16 minutes it takes to get through the EP vocals interchange between both guitarists and despite their vastly different delivery (one quite gruff and gravelly ala Chuck Reagan, the other more melodic) the dynamics work and the transition between one and the other is smooth.

The music itself plays well with the dual vocals as well. Track one “Enough” contains huge wall of sound riffs which come and go, and while Hot Water Music comparisons are inevitable it’s a great introduction to the band. Track three “You’re not my father” has delicate moments that hint at Sunny Day Real Estate and track two “The Best” demonstrates the coming together of both the aforementioned influences on what is the stand out track of the EP.

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Despite borrowing a lot of influence from 90’s emo/post hardcore the music does not sound dated or completely rehashed. It’s refreshing to hear a current band melding some of the best aspects of the movement and cohesively bringing it together.

1. Enough

2. The Best

3. You're Not My Father

4. Sinking

5. Seeing and Hearing