Live Review: The Meanies, Chainsaw Hookers, Sugar Army

9 December 2015 | 8:18 pm | Dave Mullins

"The Meanies were a perfect finale for a well-earned celebration."

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Amplifier Bar is a staple of Perth’s live music scene, and the large crowd that turned out early to celebrate its 16th birthday is proof that people feel a real connection to the venue. Amps has seen some of the best acts from around the world, but it’s also a homeground for some of WA’s most cherished acts, with a select few taking part in the night.

The large front room of Amplifier is normally home to seating and the occasional merchandise table but instead had been set up with a small temporary stage. The Ghost Hotel kicked things off, serenading the crowd with a mellow set of alternative rock. Ending a lengthy hiatus, UMPIRE took the first slot on the larger, inside stage.

The sense of peace and ambience was quickly destroyed as Leeches took to the outside stage. While fans danced and moshed with their music, others climbed on tables and chairs to try and get a good look at what was going on. Sugar Army took to the inside stage next, treating fans to the uplifting melodies and driving rhythms that have made them so popular in the Perth music scene.

Once again the outside stage was sent into chaos with Chainsaw Hookers kicking things up a notch. They played a number of fan-favourites including Make Them Die Slowly, Party Man and a cover of Love Gun – originally by Kiss. They closed out their set in true Chainsaw Hookers style with beers being skulled, thrown and poured on drummer Nathan Sproule’s head.

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Headlining the night were Melbourne punk rock legends, The Meanies. The crowd exploded into chaos as The Meanies smashed out a twenty-odd song set of favourites including Darkside Of My Mind, Scum and Sorry ‘Bout The Violence. Fans were crashing into each other and throwing half-glasses of beer into their air. Vocalist Link Meanie lived up to his reputation for crazy on-stage antics throughout the set, but none more than during their final song, Keep A Balance, with Link launching into the crowd, wrestling with fans and screaming in their faces. The Meanies were a perfect finale for a well-earned celebration, and in the words of Wally Meanie “Happy fucking birthday.”

Originally published in X-Press Magazine