Live Review: Dark Sky, Sleepyhead, Everyteen, Midnight Mike, Boy Prince

12 July 2012 | 11:51 am | James Hunt

Boy Prince kicked things off, opening to a relatively empty audience that quickly grew in numbers throughout the night, before Midnight Mike took over to serve up a variety of house subgenres including some immense sounds from Canblaster. Everyteen then played around with some lovely transitions including Mosca's Eva Mendez sliding superbly into Julio Bashmore's Au Seve, and Sleepyhead took us back with a set that mixed some of the freshest future bass as well as some classic dance tunes, including Daft Punk's Revolution 909. A handful of Mosca tunes old and new were played from the supporting acts, which was reminiscent of the marvellous show that he put on at The Bird early last year when he was just newly emerging into the scene. The event was promoted as 'Dark Sky', but unfortunately it was only one third of the crew at the decks, leaving the other two London based boys back at home. I.C.S.S.C shared with us some great news however, claiming that Dark Sky are hard at work polishing the ambitious three-man live set, and will be back early next year for another show. In an interview earlier this year, Dark Sky member Matt Benyayer said that they were all about “keeping it diverse”, but without Carlo and Tom up there beside him with their very different DJing styles and musical influences, the set didn't provide quite as much variation if it were the full trio. Matt still managed to deliver an unforgiving set of unheard energy levels. The ascending, ominous synth of the forthcoming Dark Sky track Shutter Speed reverberated around the tiny venue to begin the set, which was welcomed by a massive cheer from an excitable audience. These dark, malevolent vibes didn't completely foreshadow the rest of the set however. Matt delved into some very playful and upbeat numbers too, including Armand Van Helden's Sugar Is Sweeter remix. Dark Sky's Facebook fan page status summed up the night very nicely: “Thanks to everyone that made it down to The Bird in Perth last night, wicked vibes all round!”