Live Review: Dan Kelly, Jess Ribeiro

2 November 2015 | 2:31 pm | Joshua Braybrook

"Kelly opens his solo singing with Gold Coast Man and allows a pre-recorded 'Dan Kelly' to sing a few notes while he "got a drink"."

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Jess Ribeiro warms up the crowd, the highlight of her set being Hurry Back To Love from the recently released LP, Kill It Yourself. Some of the chatter between songs is a bit repetitive including the bug bites, but luckily she has the killer songs to back up her act.

Dan Kelly, along with his band, who are dressed up as tennis stars and cyclists for Halloween, host a show that is filled with many laughs, and most importantly it has a vibe own of its own that is almost flawless. Kelly performs a heartwarming selection of songs from his new LP Leisure Panic!, with a fusion of psychedelic music and playful yet intelligent lyrics.

There are plenty of flavours in the pop-like tunes. Along with the basic lighting, the stage is also decorated with tubes of neon lights, which give off a space-like feel, complementing the style of music.

Two backing vocalists help spur on the hilarity of the spoken words. The opening song, Baby Bonus, sets the mood and the open roof helps the acoustics flow through the room naturally, without taking away from the raw sounds created on stage.

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When the harmonies leave for a break, Kelly opens his solo singing with Gold Coast Man and allows a pre-recorded 'Dan Kelly' to sing a few notes while he "got a drink".

Taking photos as well, this reviewer is able to appreciate Kelly's vastly unique atmosphere from all angles. This experience sounds equally as impressive standing up the front as it does upstairs towards the back. The band's presence in the room is filling and consuming, like it could almost take off the roof.