Live Review: Community Beats Compilation & Diger Rockwell EP Launch

15 August 2012 | 12:08 pm | Michael Caves

The Community is a Perth based collective of musicians and artists, founded by electronic producer Diger Rokwell, and last Friday at The Bakery was the double launch of the Community Beats compilation album and Diger Rokwell's EP Build My...  Early DJing action came from Vishnu who entertained the early arrivals to the venue with some downbeat business.

FG was next up and he churned out some lazy rhythms of electro-tinged hip hop with some amusing cheeky voice overdubs that got a laugh or two as punters started to trickle in, and already the night was feeling like it was going to be a good one. Mostarsk quickly followed up with their ethereal beats and transient electronic sounds, creating a pleasing ambience in the now bustling venue. The almost Aphex Twin styled choppy beats of Ylem upped the tempo a fair bit, which had the room moving and swinging in unison. 

There was a tremendous sense of excitement when Diger Rokwell hit the stage to showcase his new material to the appreciative audience. Stating he was performing his 'winter sound', the rolling beats and live guitar riffs gave way to haunting strings that wafted over the heads of the patrons, who were in a state of natural sway. 1930s flapper girl visuals adorned the projection screen behind Rokwell while he continued forward with sentimental soothing rhythms that oozed with production quality and finesse. Topping off the live show, and in contrast to the mostly electronic music theme of the night, The Weapon Is Sound packed out the stage with live brass, bass guitar, vocals and a little gadgetry, dropping in heavily with a deep dub echo. Lush reverberated brass over wonky wah-wah guitar riffs really got the dancefloor moving, with these guys delivering some of the most authentic sounding dub the Perth scene has witnessed for quite some time. Sibalance continued on until closing with some more dance friendly tunage, while the near full Bakery took in the well crafted vibes and danced on til the house lights came on.