Live Review: Cold War Kids, Spookyland

7 January 2015 | 9:43 am | Jessica Holton

Cold War Kids put on a sweaty, solid show in Sydney.

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Melancholic lighting caressed the intimate stage at The Hi-Fi as Spookyland tore shreds off the crowd.

Lead singer Marcus Gordon presented smoky vocals that somehow remained sweet and sour at the same time. The band seemed to master the tough collaboration between apathetic and sincere in their aesthetic. Percussion shrouded the stage in a thunderous cloud that cast a grey shadow filled with rich bass. Their beat was purposefully off; as if to create an oozing form of anarchy that was captured with their searing yet slow guitar riffs. They embodied a nostalgic yet new sound with their apocalyptic sound and shrill vocals.

Cold War Kids' opening track All This Could Be Yours was peppered with strength, wild beats and dark vocal work. This would bring a certain zest that seemed to stay present throughout their entire set. Screeching guitar lit the crowd as Louder Than Ever burst in with bluesy keys and smoldering guitar.

One of the songs off their latest album, Hold My Home was called First and featured rolling bass and methodical percussion. This makeshift ballad soon turned into a rock'n'roll anthem as the throng jostled to the enticing vocals and throbbing guitar.

The air turned soulful as Royal Blue burst in with colourful ambience. The soft yet sensual guitar made this track one of the standout moments of the evening.

The cheeky bass of Hang Me Up To Dry crept in like a stalking kitten with rolling bass and prickly guitar. Capped off with the tell-tale schizophrenic keys at the climax of the track, this was what made Cold War Kids so brilliant as a live act.

The classic track off their 2006 release Robbers & Cowards, Hospital Beds would feature pounding keys and screaming vocals, which made for a gripping live rendition of the original. After a brief interlude, the band reassembled to bring the night home with Hair Down and Something Is Not Right With Me. The crowd shuffled their sticky shoulders against one another to leave the night on a high and drenched in sweat.