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Live Review: Cloud Control, Nice Biscuit

9 April 2018 | 1:33 pm | Zara Gilbert

"Cloud Control are well and truly back, and if tonight is anything to go by, better than ever."

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Following the release of their new single Panopticon, Sydney legends Cloud Control are hitting the road again for an intimate east coast tour, kicking things off at one of Brisbane's cosiest venues, The Brightside.

Opening for the group are the indie-pop outfit with self-proclaimed "intergalactic gusto", Nice Biscuit. They acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land before launching into a truly mesmerising set. Frontwomen Billie Star and Grace Cuell beckon the tentative crowd closer with their matching outfits, subtly synchronised dance moves and echoing harmonies, backed by rolling guitar solos and just the right amount of harmonica. More people begin to trickle through the doors and soon the previously empty dancefloor is crowded with swaying bodies. Winners of the triple j Unearthed BIGSOUND showcase last year, Nice Biscuit are making moves (literally and figuratively), so keep your eyes peeled.

With the crowd worked into a state of dreamlike anticipation, Cloud Control frontman Alister Wright bursts onto the stage after a short interval. A vision in white, he greets the crowd with an excited "YOOOOO!" Followed closely by his bandmates, they waste no time in launching into crowd favourite Treetops and are met with raucous approval, the crowd screaming every lyric back to them. When the familiar beat of Dojo Rising begins, the smell of jazz cigarettes fills the air and the crowd echoes Wright's vocals, "Just wanna get get get lit, yeah"; an exulted choir following their conductor.

The night reaches an emotional crescendo with the title track of their second album Dream Cave. Despite a small hiccup at the beginning of the song, Wright delivers a powerful performance. Backed by Heidi Lenffer's smooth harmonisation, Wright's raw vocals coax many a tear from the audience. As the song comes to a close, Wright perfectly describes the room's atmosphere in addressing the hiccup, "I messed up a bit at the start, it's good to have a whole bunch of mates who have got your back when you forget the lyrics."

With the sense of comradery stronger than ever, the band launch into their lively triple j Like A Version cover of The Cranberries' Dreams. Wright and Lenffer absolutely nail the haunting harmonies, doing the classic anthem the justice it deserves. Rounding out the set with the bluesy banger - the classic psych-pop tune, Scar - Wright announces with a cheeky smile, 'That's all we've got guys!' before vacating the stage.

In typical Brisbane style, chants for 'one more song' were loud and insistent and it didn't take long for the band to reappear for two more songs! They launched into the nostalgic track Summer Rave and finally finishing off the night with a rowdy rendition of Kid Cudi's Pursuit Of Happiness.

Despite their hiatus following the exit of bass player Jeremy Kelshaw, Cloud Control are well and truly back, and if tonight is anything to go by, better than ever.