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Album Review: Clairo – Immunity

31 July 2019 | 9:00 am | Taylor Marshall

"Clairo’s truly outdone herself."

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Twenty-year-old pop sensation Clairo has delivered an exciting debut album with Immunity. Alewife opens with soft piano notes – it’s the cleanest any of her music has ever sounded, produced to exceptional standards. Impossible draws us back to the sounds of SoundCloud demos with light, trebly guitars and Clairo’s voice filtered through a flange plug-in. Auto-Tune and drum machines take over for Closer To You and North, providing the perfect blend of modern and vintage pop. Fans were already treated to the new fan favourite Bags as a single – its placement within the album boosts our overall enjoyment with every note.

Clairo’s truly outdone herself – this album is exactly what fans needed while displaying the very best of her incredible talent. Softly sounds like a cross between her previous releases and the simple drum machine themes of A Tribe Called Quest. Sofia and White Flag continue soft notes while Feel Something exposes her emotions on a reduced and swayable bpm. Sinking filters through the drum machine again before the seven-minute outro I Wouldn’t Ask You fades out Clairo’s bittersweet debut album with sombre themes.