Album Review: City Calm Down - In A Restless House

2 November 2015 | 1:25 pm | Jonty Czuchwicki

"A sonically calculated, varied and well produced release."

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In A Restless House is the anticipated debut album from new wave style band City Calm Down. The effort is a sonically calculated, varied and well produced release.

The band's direction is concise and meditated, something most other bands cannot boast about their debut record. It's a great picture of who the band are, as those who have seen City Calm Down on stage would know they are a formidable live band. In A Restless House captures the same emotions, and this is translated well on this release. Just take for instance the synth line in Border On Control, which comes in at just the right moment over the trundling bass line and unwavering drum beat. Catchy hooks are also within reach of the band, as one just needs to listen to Son to concur.

The new wave sentiments of City Calm Down are unmissable, and certainly hammered home with tracks such as Rabbit Run. The double stroke high hat beat, rising synths and lazy guitar lines say it all, held together by the throaty vocal tones of Jack Bourke, who possesses a stark resemblance to Nick Cave and Ian Curtis. The ever present dithyrambic melancholy is one of the greatest strengths of the album, effortlessly tapping into the disenfranchised nature of youth in their 20s. Tracks such as Nowhere To Start even have an inkling of Radiohead infused within the sounds. There's no doubt that in due time City Calm Down will achieve great things.