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Live Review: Citizen Kay, Coda Conduct, X & Hype

30 November 2015 | 11:51 am | Mick Radojkovic

"...then there was Ansah and his powerful vocal delivery. It's no wonder his live show has been acknowledged as one of the best in the country."

Walking into Goodgod's Danceteria, you immediately feel at one with the audience. People go there to really watch the artists and X & Hype didn't disappoint, warming up the small but attentive group. The pair of MCs have energy for days, rapping over a simple but bouncy track. There's an '80s feel in their delivery and this translates to fun times.

Coda Conduct have been travelling the country for this tour and have been exposed to the wider audience that they deserve. The pair of MCs rap with speed, but the delivery is precise and the flow is sublime. The way Sally Coleman and Erica Mallet bounced off each other is a must-see and the joy they portrayed to the audience, particularly in their medley of classic female rap songs, was infectious.

Speaking of transmittable afflictions, the smile from Kojo Ansah (aka Citizen Kay) spreaded throughout the small but tight crowd. Ansah congratulated Seth Sentry for winning the ARIA Award for Best Urban Album earlier in the night and dove into Our World from potentially next year's winning album.

Straight away there was a difference in this set. The amazing drumming gave the whole set a punchy vibe that electronic drums lack and then there was Ansah and his powerful vocal delivery. It's no wonder his live show has been acknowledged as one of the best in the country. We were treated to a passionate set of songs from his new album, With The People, and his ARIA-nominated Demokracy.

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Guest appearances from Sarsha Simone on No Respect and his cousin Miracle on Family Ties were unexpected gold, and new tracks The Reverend and Life Gives You Lemons were highlights of a show that you should not miss if you get the chance.

On the new album, his father describes Ansah as humble, passionate and hard-working. He is spot on, but he left out how damn fun he is.