Live Review: Ken Jensen, DJ Thief, Rousey

22 September 2015 | 3:36 pm | Samuel Van Heuver

"Candee Flip is back for another year, looking back at '90s rave classics in an all vinyl night"

Candee Flip is back for another year, looking back at '90s rave classics in an all vinyl night. The DJ booth is up above two TV screens, one playing '90s CGI which could either be seen as epic or quite terrible depending on your taste, the other playing a live feed of the DJ in case you can't quite see high enough. The number of people in rave gear is far fewer than one might expect, with only a few phat pants spread throughout and hardly any candy on display.

Rousey gets rolling with the four to the floor house, trance and techno, featuring mostly solid mixing throughout his set. Every now and then he drops some acid techno, pleasing a large number of the crowd, including a remix of Megablast by Bomb The Bass. Up until now most of the sub only comes from the kicks, but a few breakdowns really give the subs a proper rinse out.

DJ Thief ventures\ briefly into breaks territory yet stays mainly within the confines of four to the floor. He drops tunes with samples ranging from Pac-man to 80s R&B. Thief's tune selection is much quicker than Rousey's so he covers a lot more sonic ground, including tunes from The Prodigy, Vision Four Five and Hocus Pocus to name but a few. He then ventures almost into happy hardcore territory with Here's Johnny.

Ken Jensen keeps the hardcore vibe going before switching into trance with tunes like Everyday by Agnelli & Nelson. He teases a few tunes without actually playing them, leaving the crowd wanting, yet drops some absolute killer tunes like a remix of 2 Bad Mice's Bombscare. Littered through his set, much like the other DJs, are hints of 303 acid bass lines, always getting people more into it. However, his mixing is not always as good as it could be, and he plays a tune that has already been played, though it doesn't seem like anyone minds so it can't be too bad a thing.

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The crowd doesn't let up the entire night, with everyone fully into the '90s vibes, reminiscing over what used to be. The scene may have moved away from the styles being dropped, yet the heads that were there, and a few fresh faces, will keep the fire of '90s rave alive. If this sounds like your thing, definitely look out for the next Candee Flip event, although it may be another year before it comes around again.