Album Review: Cambridge - 'Create.Destroy.Rebuild'

29 May 2014 | 12:21 am | Staff Writer
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Crammed with enough hooks and energy to please just about every fan of pop-punk.

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Do you remember Sydney's young hometown flag-bearers of pop-punk Heroes For Hire? We sure do and if we remember correctly, they were arguably one of the most promising Aussie acts to come out of the pop-punk scene in a contemporary timeframe. While, they've slowly fallen off the map, aspects of their style still lives on in a brand new gem of a band, Cambridge.

The transition for ex-HFH frontman Brad Smith is quite effective. Every great thing about Heroes for Hire is translated on Cambridge’s debut album 'Create.Destroy.Rebuild'. However, this is a new band and not a direct copy. Fortunately, there is an equal amount of individuality to go with the transferred pop-punk style.

From the fast and upbeat tracks to the damn right infectious hooks and choruses, it's all here and, quite frankly, it's all done brilliantly.

There's enough energy and punk delivery to satisfy even the most elitist of pop-punk kids as well as enough melody to engage the energetic (yet often, impatient and fickle) teenage market.

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In songs like 'Hit and Run' and 'Glass Case of Emotion' these two aspects are plugged together to create some stellar tracks. Backed by a strong rhythm section, the vocals and guitar work on these songs are allowed to shine even brighter, hooking you right in while keeping the energy levels to an aesthetic high.

The softer and emotional side of Cambridge shines through with its beautifully crafted title track; an epic pop-punk ballad, if there ever was one. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a sweeping bridge that escalates into one hell of a final chorus, the songs shows Cambridge at their most raw and passionate.

'Create.Destroy.Rebuild' is the type of album you blast when you're in the mood to run around the house, finger pointing and belting out lyrics at full volume. Its choruses and bridges will have you hooked right in while its punk sense of energy will keep your blood pumping and heart racing. Cambridge may not be the most technical or complex pop-punk band around, but what they are is a band that crafts purely fun and aesthetically pleasing songs to satisfy even the most skeptical fan of the genre.

  1. Head Over Heels
  2. Crucio
  3. Catalina Wine Mixer
  4. Hit and Run
  5. All or Nothing
  6. Create.Destroy.Rebuild
  7. Glass Case of Emotion
  8. Quiet Night In
  9. Black Dress
  10. 21/10/15