Live Review: Cakes, Hawkmoon, Electric Zebra, Meat Bandit

24 July 2017 | 3:52 pm | Jake Morton

"It's astounding to see such intense dynamic range and diverse sounds come from a two-piece band."

As this writer waltzes into The Bearded Lady, a familiar crowd greets him with a conglomerate of quirky fashion sense, smiles and odd house music. It's like walking into a cartoon world - a surreal and welcoming environment and everyone's here to celebrate Cakes' first musical release.

Shortly after arriving, the alt-rock duo Meat Bandit waddle onto the stage and begin their set before introducing themselves as The Wiggles. Awesome implementation of double kick pedals paired with round guitar sounds and a clever use of dynamics puts the audience in a good mood. This writer didn't know what to expect from the duo as their set moved forward, but thankfully the guitarist's dry sense of humour and clever jokes kept everyone entertained. There's something strangely satisfying about yelling Meat Bandit's lyrics over odd-timed and low-tuned riffage.

After a good display of comedy and a short break, Electric Zebra are up for round two. After recently releasing their new single I Blink and subsequently announcing their east coast tour, there's much excitement to see the band in new form. Energetically - with a sarcastic attitude you can relate to - the boys in black and white blast their audience with a wall of fuzz and bursts of energetic rock. Good spirit and stage banter carries the audience through an organised set from the Gold Coast alt-rock act.

Hawkmoon are an intriguing band for the bill. They don't hold many similar characteristics to the rest but they definitely stand out in positive ways, boasting great vocal performance and a strong dynamic range. Interesting lyrical content and a diverse array of guitar sounds keep this writer intrigued throughout the arrangements without the need for any other strategy. It's refreshing to see a performance pulled off with such conviction and thoughtfulness.

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It's safe to say that Jake and Sam of Cakes are developing a reputation for themselves. It's clear from the beginning, despite it being Cakes' first release show, that the two of them have developed a strong following from their past and current projects. The room is quickly filled with an eclectic cartoon-like demographic while the duo prepare to perform on stage. 

Like a doctor in emergency explaining the situation, vocalist/guitarist Jake goes through the pleasantries before the duo reinvigorate the room with their chaotic sounds - the audience forced back to life by Cakes' enormous sound and erratic stage madness. A combination of industrial, hardcore and post-punk creates a perplexing and visceral feeling within the audience.

It's astounding to see such intense dynamic range and diverse sounds come from a two-piece band. To be honest, this writer never thought it was possible after seeing other people attempt it in the past. It's clear that Cakes are artisans of their craft. Seeing them perform is like watching planets collide. As a musician himself it's rare for this writer to see a performance and think without a doubt, "Those guys will be playing music for the rest of their lives." I sincerely believe in Jake, Sam and Cakes.