Live Review: Buddy Guy

9 April 2012 | 2:58 pm | Francesca Palazzolo

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Jonny Lang's sweet, soulful voice filled the Enmore Theatre with a halo of sound. His angelic demeanour and earnest performance endeared himself to the crowd, who were polite and reserved. They were clearly waiting for Buddy Guy to make his appearance. Lang's vocals are part gospel, part blues and a lot of soul for a white boy. His guitar playing wasn't half bad either. Lie To Me, however, was so beautifully tense it sent shivers down this reviewer's spine in parts. The song started off quietly acoustic and then built to a crescendo. Great stuff.

However, the excitement was palpable as Buddy Guy's band and road crew went about their business setting up their equipment. Once Guy hit the stage (and we mean HIT!), it was clear we were in for a rare treat and that we were in the presence of a true legend. He opened with Nobody Understands Me But My Guitar, shocking the audience with a blistering, electrifying guitar solo that blended the best of blues, jazz and even metal guitar, which left the audience instantly hooked and breathlessly anticipating the rest of the performance.

And perform he did. For a man that is 74 Years Young (well, he's 75 now), he leaves a lot of other performers for dust when it comes to energy and conviction. Buddy Guy is Living Proof if ever there was proof needed that you don't need to be young to blow a crowd away with sheer enthusiasm and brilliance. He entertained the crowd with his virtuosity on the guitar, his potty-mouthed banter and the raw emotion coming from deep within expressed both vocally and with his guitar. When Buddy Guy sings Damn Right, I've Got The Blues, you don't doubt it. Not at all!