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Album Review: Bryson Tiller - Trapsoul

29 October 2015 | 3:00 pm | John Papadopoulos

"His debut album Trapsoul delivers on what it promises but has been done better."

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Bryson Tiller is a 22-year-old singer and rapper who generated a lot of buzz following co-signs from the likes of Drake and Timbaland. His debut album Trapsoul delivers on what it promises, but has been done better.

Vocals aren't the problem: Tiller uses auto-tune but doesn't overdo it and risk blurring the line between human and robot. Sameness of production drags the project down, and matters aren't helped by the lack of guest features. Of note, however, is the Timbaland-produced Sorry Not Sorry, which samples the video game Street Fighter II and sounds like 36 Chambers for Generation Y. We'll take it.