Live Review: Bootleg Rascal, Lyall Moloney, Good Counsel

28 April 2015 | 10:38 am | Kassia Aksenov

"Bootleg Rascal treated the audience to blissful tracks inculcated with Lara’s exquisitely raspy vocals."

Good Counsel (formerly Thieves), a four-piece from the Central Coast, began the night with their permeating folk-rock. The band played with complete zealousness as was demonstrated in closing track, Mary, a song that when performed live bespeaks pure anger and passion.

Those looking for their Friday reggae fix were utterly indulged through one-man-band-extraordinaire Lyall Moloney’s performance. This guy can sing, rap, beatbox, play guitar, harmonica and synth, and often he does all of the above within one song through a process of looping, layering and sampling. His performance was teeming with energy and the punters undoubtedly loved every minute of it. Within his set Moloney invited Sticky Fingers frontman Dylan Frost to the stage to perform two songs that beautifully showcased both of the men’s vocal abilities. If there was one criticism it would be that the air horn sound effect was perhaps overused. Moloney wrapped things up with crowd favourite Black Dog.

Headliners of the sold-out show Bootleg Rascal took to the stage with lead vocalist Carlos Lara sporting a red rain hat and orange-lensed glasses, potentially channelling Johnny Depp’s look in Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas. Bootleg Rascal treated the audience to blissful tracks inculcated with Lara’s exquisitely raspy vocals. The punters reggae-bopped along to Psychotica, as well as showing ardour for Oh I Know, a song released late last year. During Overflow Frost came back on stage in an attempt to steal the spotlight; however it was Bootleg Rascal who were the true showstoppers. To finish, Bootleg Rascal played their well-liked latest tune, Coming Home. Lara commended the punters, particularly those situated centre-front, for their dancing and enthusiasm. Tonight, the Bootleg boys announced their debut album will be released in September – we can hardly wait!