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Live Review: Boo Seeka, Mane

5 September 2016 | 12:41 pm | Stephanie Oakes

"Layered sounds and soulful vocals flowed throughout every track."

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There seems to be a recurring state of events in the Australian music scene as of late. Sparkly new bands releasing singles, as though on a drip feed to the masses, with each track slowly building anticipation to an ever promised album. It's been a long time coming for Boo Seeka's debut LP, but the swarming Adelaide fans are now convinced that it's going to be one of the most satisfying releases of the past few years.

A very, very quiet Fat Controller is a strange sight to behold on a Thursday night. A smattering of fans naively thinking the venue would ever hold to a predicted set list time, support act Paige Renee Court (aka Mane) opened the night nearly an hour and a half after doors opened. Impatient fans filed in front of the stage, captivated by her brooding voice. With her first EP House Of Horrors just shy of eight weeks old, and with a swath of awards and accolades already tucked under her belt, Court is one to watch.

They've released four singles now, with each one sculpting and improving their sound even more, and Boo Seeka's stage show has followed suit. Having last visited Adelaide under the Sureshaker records Shake 'N' Bake party tour, this time they stood alone and were left to put on the show themselves, captivating from the first hit of the drum pad.

Even with a sneaky Eurythmics cover featuring early on, there were no worries that the Sydney boys wouldn't have enough of their own material to play with. Layered sounds and soulful vocals flowed throughout every track, and there wasn't a dull moment for the entire set. Crossing each of their singles off of the list, ending on Fool had the crowd becoming more and more elated as they jumped into each song. After nabbing an envious time slot at Splendour In The Grass without having even released an album yet, the duo have had plenty of practice to impress North American crowds for their tour of the States next week.

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Humble and appreciative, they stuck around even after the show ended. What's for sure is that this is the time to get to a Boo Seeka gig - while still somehow being able see an emerging act of this calibre on a quiet night in little Adelaide.