Live Review: Blkout, Flowermouth, Braves, Black Stone From The Sun

20 August 2015 | 4:21 pm | Francesca Mann

"The crowd surged forward; fist pumping, crowd surfing and shouting along."

The launch of Bad Noose's monthly alternative and indie nights at Flyrite went ahead with a few hiccups. As well as showcasing some of Perth's best up-and-coming bands, the event also acted as a bittersweet send-off to hardcore veterans, Blkout.

The music pulsated from Flyrite early on, proving this was not going to be a relaxing night. Surprisingly, all the noise was coming from two-piece garage-grunge band, Black Stone From The Sun. Sean Mackay and Jack Nelson smashed through their set with an absurd amount of energy, with Mackay throwing himself and his guitar around the stage. The duo has such an incredible connection that when Nelson dropped his drumstick, Mackay was able to pause at the perfect moment before slamming back into perfect unison.

Despite lacklustre cheers from the crowd, Braves had loyal and dedicated fans dancing along to the boppy, indie-rock throughout their set. Launching into First Train To Squaresville, Braves were accompanied by a very enthusiastic tambourine player who would put Stevie Nicks to shame. As Braves played through songs from their Seapunk EP, it was like each member was playing something completely different, their songs feeling disjointed. This didn't stop fans from raiding the stage during their last song, Seapunk, hijacking microphones and dancing almost as much as the tambourine man.

After what felt like an eternity, Flowermouth ripped onto the stage, a flurry of wailing guitars and angst-ridden vocals. Barely pausing to take a breath, Flowermouth rushed through their set, playing songs from their latest EP, Urethane. The title track saw the crowd go wild, head banging and singing along to the incredibly catchy tune. Somehow bassist Thomas Murphy's microphone ended up in the crowd, which he then spent a few minutes wrestling for before giving up and throwing it on the ground. 

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Anticipation weighed heavy in the air, with everyone waiting for Blkout to perform for the very last time. As soon as Scott Angel began spitting lyrics into the microphone the crowd surged forward; fist pumping, crowd surfing and shouting along. The band was joined on stage by Flowermouth's singer, Cameron Murphy, who played guitar alongside Pete Abordi and Pete Bursky. Blkout flew through their set, playing songs from Point Of No Return, pausing briefly so Angel could reflect on the band's history before saying he never expected them to go this far. It was clear from the audience response that Blkout are going to be missed heavily in the hardcore scene, however there was a sense of relief in Angel's voice that this was the end.