Bill Bailey

8 October 2014 | 11:56 am | Daniel Cribb

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Being the debut of his new show Limboland, Bill Bailey set the direction quickly, as front row latecomers were treated to elevator music and a flute solo by the main man as he singled them out and played them to their seats. It was this type of improv and musical breaks that constantly swooped in throughout the two-hour show to sow together low points or jokes that just didn’t work like they should have.  

With his leg perched upon a foldback speaker like a rockstar and ten instruments on stage to back up such body language, Bailey had a dig at the Liberals, danced like C-grade celebrity impersonating a mermaid’s dance move. Accompanied by an old smoking pipe as a prop, he was so sophisticated that he’d rather listen to an audiobook of Fifty Shades Of Grey narrated by Ozzy Osbourne than listen to One Direction, and it was Bailey’s narration of quotes from Tony Abbott that garnered some of the biggest laughs of the night, and confirmed how much of an embarrassment the PM is on an international level.

Musical highlights were presented in the form of a performance of Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball to the tone of German electro-pop and ABBA’s Waterloo in the style of Rammstein.

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Bill Bailey, Riverside Theatre to 2 Oct