Album Review: Behemoth - 'The Satanist'

6 February 2014 | 10:35 am | Staff Writer
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Its heavy, it's evil and a fantastic step forward.

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When delivery meets expectation it’s truly a wonderful thing. The fact that it happens rarely just seems to feed the enjoyment.

After frontman Nergal was diagnosed with leukemia Behemoth came to a halt and we went five years without a new full-length album. When questions of mortality become a very real concern, you could be forgiven for thinking the Polish heavy-hitters would become more restrained perhaps a little timid musically. The band is stoic as ever.

Self-described by the group as a "dangerous, adventurous and organic" album, Behemoth seem renewed, refreshed and as malevolent as ever.

It is safe to say that the forced break has in no way hurt their ability to produce a well loved and trademark brand of death metal. The prevailing upside is they have also managed to step up their game. The black metal elements are more evolved and we see some dimensional, deeply emotional lyrical elements emerge.

Beginning with 'Blow your Trumpets Gabriel' you can feel the black metal notes shinning through straight away. This slower track sets up the foundations for the release.

Equally, there’s plenty of fast paced, thrash moments with songs such as ‘Furor Divinus,’ which is bound to be a crowd pleaser. While, 'Messe Noire' is another powerful song. Behemoth impose with their fast and evil brand of metal that is simply addcitive in itself. Combine that with an added and aforementioned layer of lyrical depth that the album holds and you have yourself a master work of art.

Behemoth manage to end the album on a high note with 'O Father O Satan O Sun!' This dynamic and climatic track is a stand out. The crashing drums and potent guitar and bass work really pull it all together to make a colossal ending. If you loved and think the band’s past album 'Evagelion' was well received, you will reconsider your anticipation with 'The Satanist.' Simply brilliant!

While there might be a few stranglers left behind with this new brand of Behemoth, 'The Satanist' certainly doesn't lose any signature sounds. Instead, it explores the elements of metal and adds sounds that only intensify and create a solid and evil album. It is sure to also pick up some new fans along the way.

1. Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel

2. Furor Divinus

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3. Messe Noire

4. Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer

5. Amen

6. The Satanist

7. Ben Sahar

8. In the Absence ov Light

9. O Father O Satan O Sun!