Live Review: Beach House, Mosquito Coast

1 March 2019 | 4:37 pm | Aneta Grulichova

"The crowd didn’t want this hypnotic synth party to end."

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Chatter filled the air and Chevron Gardens was buzzing with anticipation for Baltimore duo Beach House. Last year saw the band release their seventh studio album, 7; an LP that had a new and mature sound but still delivered the dreamy pop fans knew them for.

Kicking off the night, Perth’s own Mosquito Coast dove straight into new tracks from their forthcoming album due to be released later this year, bringing a dreamy groove with Skipping Girl. With tambourines and sweet guitars filling the air, Naomi Robinson's beautiful vocals in Sweet Talking and Call My Name got us grooving and hungry.

The stage became engulfed in red lights and smoke haze, making it look like it was on fire for the arrival of Beach House. Lazuli took us on a trip down memory lane to their 2012 Bloom album, with Victoria Legrand’s dreamy vocals keeping us in awe. Beach House’s signature move is you’ll never see their faces, only their silhouettes and body parts adorned by incredible light displays that will blow your mind away.

The balance of songs from to 2010’s Teen Dream was perfect, enough to cover all the bases, however, they didn’t have one track from their 2015 Thank You Your Lucky Stars album. The crowd loved every minute of the setlist as they smashed through Dark Spring, Walk In The Park and Drunk In LA. The twinkling lights in 10 Mile Stereo sent us on a magical journey back in time with its pop synths before we were dazzled with a light show that could give anyone a seizure. We but finally got a glimpse of Legrand’s face between flashes before we lost it again to the darkness in Black Car.

The highlight of the night was Girl Of The Year and Space Song as the crowd let out the loudest squeals, while big eyes peered from the backdrop before we were swept away with guitar tunes and blinded by the mind-bending light show. We were hypnotised by Legrand’s hair flicks between light flashes in Lemon Glow, as her vocals were more mysterious as the guitar synths rocked us out before leaving the stage. As the rumble of feet rang out, Dive blasted off into the sparkly night sky as the crowd didn’t want this hypnotic synth party to end.