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Live Review: Bad//Dreems, Green Buzzard, West Thebarton Brothel Party

28 September 2015 | 3:01 pm | Jonty Czuchwicki

"It is their Australian authenticity that renders them as loved as they are, and this is fully represented in their songs."

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Bad//Dreems returned to Adelaide for a homecoming show. Each time this occurs the band have become more seasoned and confident from touring and playing to wider audiences. As they gave their most self-actualised set to date, it's an interesting experience seeing how much they have grown as performers.

West Thebarton Brothel Party opened the proceedings, and what a special band they are. The seven-piece earn a new title each time they're reviewed. This time it's interdimensional pub rock. The band play with increasing amounts of energy at each show it seemed they were attempting to reach warp drive with their ferocious riffing. Each member played effortlessly, maintaining their instrumental line while thrashing around with absolute fervour. The basslines killed. West Thebarton Brothel Party really are a band that stand out for being unique, and consistently being a blast to see live.

Green Buzzard — one of the latest additions to the powerhouse I OH YOU label, home to Violent Soho and DMA's — were the main tour support for Bad//Dreems. The band were tight but they follow the current trend of delving into a decade past, so at times they can sound like a cross between the original Karate Kid soundtrack and a heavy dose of Britpop worship. Green Buzzard are entertaining to listen to, though they aren't exactly the kind of band you lose your shit to; watching Green Buzzard is more of an effort to figure them out. This will certainly keep heads turned towards them.

Bad//Dreems have a place in the heart of many as far as Adelaide is concerned, and the sold out crowd meant a shoulder-to-shoulder experience as the band played through popular singles Dumb Ideas, Cuffed & Collared and Paradise, along with many cuts from their debut full-length Dogs At Bay. The band members worked well in conjunction with one another but it was their lead guitarist who stole the show, along with vocalist and rhythm guitarist Ben Marwe. Scores of drunken fools jostled shoulder to shoulder and bodies started to fly over the top of the crowd. Bad//Dreems sounded cohesive together and their rock riffs were plentiful, along with the churning bass licks and pounding drums. It is their Australian authenticity that renders them as loved as they are, and this is fully represented in their songs.

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