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Aunty Donna - Glennridge Secondary College

21 April 2018 | 11:47 am | Scott Aitken

"The ability to read the audience makes them an absolute force of nature."

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Delightfully absurd is a phrase that could probably best sum up sketch trio Aunty Donna when they perform live. But the truth is that's just one element of what they do and their solid improvisational talents combined with their self-awareness is what sets them apart from the rest.

Glennridge Secondary College is the latest show from the trio of Mark Bonanno, Broden Kelly and Zachary Ruane who were performing their third year at the Perth Comedy Festival. The show featured them all switching between various over-the-top characters from the faculty and classrooms of a fictitious co-educational high school set in Melbourne.

As would be expected, nothing could be expected as the guys delivered an array of hilarious and adequately dark sketches turned on their head; a talent show involving ISIS, a choreographed presentation about the moon landing, overly upbeat grief counsellors, a former trampoline athlete-turned-motivational speaker and more.

Whether it was a silent stare, a stifled laugh or a cracked smile during a passing moment in a sketch, their ability to read the audience makes them an absolute force of nature on stage and the guys delivered a hilariously deranged performance that was incredibly well received by the crowd.

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