Live Review: Audego - GoodGod Small Club

26 June 2012 | 3:07 pm | Helen Lear

Opener Ned East, aka Kilter, cleverly fused funk and soul vocals and samples with hip hop beats as his fingers tapped furiously on a small beat pad. Tracks from new EP, Forever Ago, got the small early crowd warmed up, including the night's headliners, who were bopping along to the set while waiting their turn to go on stage.

Melbourne duo Audego's Carolyn Tariq aka Big Fella brought a retro sparkle to the stage, sporting a flapper-style dress and sequin-covered headband. Joined by Paso Bionic aka Shehab Tariq (TZU, Curse ov Dialect), the electro/instrumental hip hop duo brought a deep, full sound to the stage that channelled Massive Attack, Moloko and Lamb.

The addition of a light projection show set the mood as colourful planets, clouds and abstract shapes morphed and pulsated in the background to the sound of the phat beats reverberating around the room. Tariq's sultry, emotive vocals lifted and created another layer of sound and complexity. Sadly, the pair's lack of real stage presence made the silence between songs deafening at times and with the small crowd in such close proximity, they could have embraced the intimate venue more.

Tracks from new album, Abominable Galaxy, featured including Unfamiliar Song and the solid No Restraining You, sampling the comforting sound of a crackling old record with layers of melodies and samples. The two copies of their new album Audego had for sale at the end of the set were snapped up before they could even pack up their kit. Success!

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