Live Review: Art Vs Science, Greta, Sexy Lucy

12 August 2014 | 7:58 pm | Erin Lawler

Dance and rock become one

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Hobart DJs Greta and Sexy Lucy got the vibes going on this chilly Friday night with a tasty selection of house and dance tunes, quickly filling the sold-out venue. 

It had gone midnight when Art Vs Science opened up with a blaring version of Create/Destroy. While the three-piece dance act are known for their unbelievably catchy party hits, on stage they manifested something else altogether. The recorded version of Create/Destroy has a huge amount of energy, but its intensity when played live is next level. 

The totally captivating light show filled the Hobart pub with dancing green lasers and smoke, while an epic, verging on psychedelic intro brought us into the bizarre Creature Of The Night. Soon came the inevitable Magic Fountain, in all its intensity, complete with an absolutely outrageous guitar solo from guitarist Dan Mac.

Parlez Vous Francais? had the crowd repeatedly screaming out “Oui!” in hopeless submission to the band. This is one track in which Art vs Science’s punk rock sensibilities come out a little more clearly, especially on stage. The famous riff was belted out on distorted guitar, and Dan W held it all up with his solid rock drumming.

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The boys then hit us with pop extravaganza Flippers, a ridiculous and simple yet brilliant song that, in 2008, inspired a never-before-thought-of dance move across the whole of Australia, and perhaps the world.

Water was tossed to thirsty front-rowers and shirts were lost (most notably that of keyboardist and singer Jim Finn), and it was well into the early hours when they tied up the night with ‘80s rock screamer, Hollywood.

For someone who hadn’t seen the group live before, it was all a bit surprising. A dance act that is based around drums, keys and guitar – who would’ve thought? Finding out that all three members used to be part of punk rock band Roger Explosion, it makes more sense.

Art vs Science are a mixture of dance, electro-house, punk, rock, psychedelic rock and sometimes even a little funk. They were generous in their performance, and they’ve got a huge energy and skill level. These boys make an important step away from the guy with a Macbook routine, but are also much more than just the silly, poppy dance act they can be perceived as.