Live Review: Anna Of The North @ The Triffid, Brisbane

26 September 2023 | 3:04 pm | Ray Shindo

Lively electronic beats and heartfelt vocals come together, weaving a musical tapestry that dances between emotion and danceability.

Anna Of The North

Anna Of The North (Supplied)

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It’s a laid-back Thursday night and The Triffid is almost completely bare. JUNO stands front and center, igniting the house with a burst of electrifying energy.

JUNO's lead vocalist possesses vocals with an undeniable depth, carrying echoes of Jojo, but with a unique, infectious edge. Despite the occasional drums threatening to steal her soulful spotlight, her powerful voice holds sway.

As the evening unfolds, a bit of a jazzy flavour takes over during their performance of Come Through with the saxophone seizing the limelight. Its groovy melodies swirl through the air, leaving the audience entranced by its allure.

Soon after, Rebmoe strolls onto the stage armed with nothing but a laptop. Featuring on Tiesto’s My Frequency, she kicks things off with a hilarious rendition of the Skippy The Bush Kangaroo theme song. Her moments of imperfection and awkward truths only draws us closer to her, revealing a genuine connection with the crowd.

The echoes of her presence linger as a three-note synth riff cuts through the atmosphere. It infuses the air with an enthralling sense of reverie. Emerging from an indigo haze, the Norwegian singer dives into Moving On, conjuring a stage enveloped in a floating ambience.

Still submerged in a rich daydream, Someone rings through the crowd with a sound reminiscent of the ‘80s. The alternative/indie masterpiece ushers in a surge of unadulterated, delightful dreaminess that irresistibly carries the audience away.

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Crimson lights suddenly set the stage aglow, igniting a sense of anticipation as Red Light begins to unfurl. A reverb drenched guitar cascades through the crowd, wrapping them in its melodic embrace. It undoubtedly captures the very essence of feeling adrift.

With Bird Sing, any heaviness that sat upon our hearts suddenly starts to lift. The live rendition offers a momentary relief, beautifully mirroring the song’s thematic essence. Our emotions align in harmony, fostering a collective feeling of solace.

Just as we settle into a mellow groove, a lively bass riff signals a shift, as No Good Without U explodes into a synth-pop anthem, injecting a burst of energy into the night. She transports us back into her ethereal domain with the enchanting tunes of Nobody and Meteorite, creating a dreamlike atmosphere that captivates the audience.

The melodically simple and fun yet lyrically poignant Swirl takes on a new life in this setting. Perhaps it's the lighting or the unique nighttime concert ambiance, but the underlying melancholy in the lyrics shines through even more during the live performance.

The performance of Dream Girl, a honeyed and lovestruck fusion of R&B and synthpop, invokes the warm nostalgia of a sunlit memory, leaving the audience enchanted by its sweet and romantic melodies. A soulful keyboard then ushers in Thank Me Later, similarly evoking an R&B-infused city pop vibe and a blue skies optimism.

In the wooze-pop landscape of Leaning On Myself, we stroll through a sea of empty feelings. Though it originally has a minimalistic soundscape, the live rendition is a symphony of sounds and emotions.

The Dreamer envelops us in reverb-soaked vocals riding atop ethereal synth pads, creating an intimate and immersive experience.

Sway and Baby slow things down, offering a chill-pop interlude that soothes the crowd. Then comes I Do You with its uplifting fusion of sounds, making you want to break free from your cocoon and dance through the streets of the midnight city. Then, I Do You bursts forth with a blend of sounds, urging us to break free and dance through the midnight city streets.

The Brisbane audience was in for a treat as she performs an impromptu rendition of Dandelions, a rare gem.

With Playing Games, lively electronic beats and heartfelt vocals come together, weaving a musical tapestry that dances between emotion and danceability, all while maintaining a dreamy pop allure. “Jump because it’s a Thursday!” the singer hypes the crowd.

Transitioning into My Love, the atmosphere becomes fun, simple, and easy to embrace.

Following a brief exit, the singer returns with newfound energy to perform Lovers, featured in To All The Boys I've Loved Before. It takes some of us back to that iconic hot tub scene in the film, enveloping us in a sweet fantasy.

As the set reaches its climax with the blazing finale of Fire, the ethereal enchantment intensifies delivering a song ablaze with empowerment and melodies that ignite our spirits. It's the ultimate anthem to bring the curtain down on this unforgettable evening, leaving our souls aflame with inspiration.

The show close to ending, the singer pokes fun at herself saying, “I’m going out after this. We don’t have that many people here, so we can all go out together.” Her songs and performances were nothing short of phenomenal, a pity many missed out.

The night was a tapestry of mixed sounds, each song transporting the audience to a world where emotions flowed freely through enchanting melodies. The live renditions of her tracks revealed a more mature and emotionally charged side of the artist. It was a night where young hearts came alive, leaving the crowd enchanted and lost in the ethereal soundscape. She leaves us in a glorious daze.