Amelia Ryan: Simply The Breast

11 February 2019 | 5:11 pm | Aneta Grulichova

"Amelia Ryan looked relaxed and bubbly as she dove into some groovy moves."

Sipping from a champagne glass, Amelia Ryan looked relaxed and bubbly as she dove into some groovy moves. Simply The Breast is made from the best bits of all her previous shows with a nice injection of new motherhood material where she even whipped out the good old breast pump. As she sings her version of Dancing Queen, she steals a husband from the audience to demonstrate her stripper skills with a lap dance that could cause an injury. Ryan discussed her life through song and dance, from her early days to meeting her amazing husband in New York, then moving to Adelaide  – a place she swears she loves.

The birthing playlist had the audience in stitches, with songs like Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love to Queen's I Want To Break Free used to describe her feelings throughout her 27-hour labour. She finished it off Lion King-style with the Circle Of Life as she held Humpty Dumpty in the air to represent her son Archie. We laughed in agreement with how post-baby bodies are ruined with boobs going south and your pelvic floor saying goodbye – you might need to wear diapers. Amelia Ryan put on an amazing cabaret of singing and dancing about motherhood, making it a great girl’s night out. Grab a few glasses of wine and enjoy having a giggle without your kids.