Album Review: Alta – Reasons

20 November 2019 | 4:01 pm | Katie Livingston

"[R]eally groovy."

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Melbourne duo Alta’s debut album is a smooth blend of dance, techno, synth and indie with just the right amount of R&B sprinkled on top.

While Reasons isn’t the most lively debut LP, there’s something inherently attractive about their chill, almost laidback style. There are moments where you think it’s going to build up to something big, only for it to dissipate before the climax. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Alta’s new album is really groovy and provides the perfect backdrop for a late-night convo. It doesn’t make you want to get up and dance – instead it invites you to sway as you take in the music.

Alta’s lyrics deal with some pretty emotional stuff, but some of the impact is lost in the delivery. In their earlier songs, Hannah Lesser’s soulful vocals gave their work a raw and emotional texture, but in Reasons her voice is clipped back and merges almost indistinguishably into the music. However, it’s not entirely gone. Tracks like Started Out, Let You Know and Anything To Hurt You still manage to retain the sense of personality from their earlier work, and this is where the album really shines.