Live Review: Adam Ant The Enmore

9 April 2012 | 12:27 pm | Fiona Cameron

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It was fairly easy to spot fans making their way to the Enmore, purveyors of zinc cream must have made a killing and those with puffy shirts and gold-frogged jackets were resplendent.

Georgie Girl & Her Poussez Posse hit the stage and they cranked out a set with slurred licks, undulating hips and a delicious cover of Addicted To Love with less slink and heavier bass. These girls don't mess about between numbers, but set 'em up and knock 'em out in quick succession. A definite highlight was show closer When Was The Last Time You Had Sex, a rollicking bollocking delivered by a pin-up come to life, writ large.

Adam Ant & The Good, The Mad & The Lovely Posse took the stage to howling, thunderous applause and cranked out a show that mixed the big hits Ant Music – dedicated to Molly Meldrum – Goody Two-Shoes and Stand And Deliver in with the raucous punk stuff so beloved by fans, like Physical (You're So), Whip In My Valise and Beat My Guest.

The house was split between the sold-out dress circle and the packed front of stage, with empty space behind. Not that this deterred him from putting on a show worthy of his glory days with his sense of timing and the old moves very much intact.

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Georgie Girl returned to the stage several times, in each appearance in a different outfit, each more revealing than the last until she performed the two encores in her leopard print underwear, with the first encore featuring an anecdote about bumping into Marc Bolan in a London record shop before a great Get It On cover.

“This is a song that got me in a lot of trouble; what's new? When I wrote it we all thought we knew who killed JFK. Must have been a bloody good shot,” he said wryly before launching into Catholic Day.

Those feeling old should take heart from the fact that Prince Charming himself is 57 and still disports himself with a verve and aplomb that the decades have not diminished. Just don't call him a 'New Romantic'.